Sutari was created by singers, instrumentalists and performers – each from different musical and theatrical backgrounds – continuing the tradition of singing Polish folk music. The  s u t a r i project is a fusion of our diverse music experiences and passions.Sutari we continue to perform in the tradition of Polish folk music. Using traditional instruments (violin, basetla and drum) we also make use of everyday objects and explore their potential as musical devices  – for instance – a hand mixer, grater, bottles and a wrench.

This trio bring poetry, theatre and musicality together into one compelling and original package. They sing with such ease, sliding in and out of each others voices creating an intimacy and playfulness that belies the skill involved. Intoxicating and hypnotic. Just brilliant.

Lopa Kothari (BBC Radio 3)

In our search for the harmonies and consonances found within our vocal tradition, rather than making changes to the songs themselves our intention was to reach for hidden characters concealed within their structures. Whilst maintaining the style, temperament, melody and rhythm, above all, we preserved the essential content of the songs – femininity, intelligence and their general attractiveness – thereby emphasizing the essential contemporary elements of sound and interpretation.


BASIA SONGIN vocals, wolf base, polish frame drum, zabumba, everyday objects (water, kitchen grater)

KASIA KAPELA vocals, violin, zabumba, everyday objects (kitchen board, bottles)

ZOSIA ZEMBRZUSKA (BARAŃSKA) vocals, violin, zabumba, everyday objects (kitchen blender, bottles, kitchen grater)


The debut recording from SUTARI is leading the listener through the soundscapes of everyday life which whilst expressing an Intimacy within four walls also introduces an open and joyful experience for a larger gathering. As SUTARI, we sing in the kitchen, we sing in the bathroom, with the window open and by the fireplace, pouring tea, baking a cake or listening to the ticking of the clock, from walking in the woods to siting on a bench by the house or on a bridge by a lake.