Kapela Maliszów – Mazurki Niepojęte
release: 2015
label: AKE Karrot Kommando
catalog number: KK79
format: digital / CD

Youth, trance and virtuosity

Kapela Maliszów proves that tradition is not a relic that belongs in a museum but a living tissue which can take on any shape. They are an example of traditional musicians who have transcended genres and created a new art. Through their music Malisze remind us that youth can be amazing in its maturity and the only limit is the imagination.

Music they create is a new and irresistible vision of folk, deeply rooted in tradition, but swathed in creativity. Trance- like mazurka melodies composed by the father and the son are the basis of the music. The virtuosity and imagination of the 16-year-old Kacper puts him among the most interesting folk violinists. The incredible maturity of Zuzanna’s voice and her feel for the rhythm alongside Jan’s endless ideas make Kapela Maliszów one of the most exciting musical discoveries of the last few years in Poland and abroad.

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Kapela Maliszów – Wiejski dżaz [Village jazz]

RELEASE DATE: 2017-11-24
LABEL: Unzipped Fly Records

Longing for a new quality
“Wiejski jazz” [Village jazz] is testament to the Malisze’s unrelenting urge to explore the types of music not necessarily popular or well received in the rural communities. Village jazz from Męcina Mała is a dreamed up jazz that represents a very unique and individualized approach to harmony. The musicians boldly follow the path chosen on their album “Mazurki niepojęte” [“Inconceivable mazurkas”]. Listening to their music you can still discern the trance-like and inconceivable rhythms and melodies of mazurkas, but something different also comes to the surface. It’s a longing for a new quality, on the one hand found in unusual harmonies, and more progressive, at times even radical improvisation, on the other – in a deeper immersion in the traditional village music.
The new music of the Maliszes continues to be filled with Kacper’s virtuoso interpretations and the beautiful, maturing voice of Zuzanna. But is also peppered with Jan’s ideas, in particular the lively accordion melodies, which could be classed as examples of “new village music”.

Kapela Maliszów add a lively punch to a firm base while playing traditional music from Gorlice county in the South of Poland – as you would expect from a family band. Jan Malisz founded the trio featuring his son Kacper, a dazzling folk violinist, and daughter Zuzanna, firm on the frame drum and singing with gusto. They create a fresh sound close to the roots.

„(…) performing wildly kinetic mazurkas, polkas and the kind of haunted, lurching dances Tom Waits must dream of in his sleep (…)

Tim Cumming, Songlines Magazine *****

A family band from Męcina Mała, a small viallage in Beskid Niski, comprising the multi-instrumentalist Jan Malisz and his children. The band is inspired by traditional music of their region: folk songs and dance music from Gorlice county. The music is traditionally performed “archaic style” on a violin, a basolia (a folk instrument similar to a cello) and a drum, with a great degree of freedom, joy and improvisation – it’s not just an academic reconstruction of old melodies.

Kapela Maliszow also compose original music, inspired by Polish tradition and characterised by their distinctive style. Interestingly, the violin and baraban (the drum) have been in the family for generations, handed down to Jan Malisz from his father, Jozef. Jozef also taught Jan the basics of many other instruments that could be found around the house. That’s why the band called this music “Father’s notes”. Apart from making music, the band also make instruments. In his workshop, Jan Malisz builds violins, hurdy-gurdys, nyckelharpas, pipes and many others..

Kapela Maliszów

Jan Malisz
violin, basolia, hurdy-gurdy, accordion, vocals

Zuzanna Malisz
vocals, basolia, drums

Kacper Malisz
violin, basolia, nyckelharpa