InFidelis means UnFaithful. The instrumental duo formed by Helena Matuszewska and Marta Sołek draws from tradition but does not stick to the routine. Inspiration for InFidelis are traditional melodies from Poland. InFidelis does not faithfully follow any genre, style or convention. In their music we can hear classical polish roots melodies, echoes of early music and minimal music. It is not the music of the roots, it is a music of tree crowns – the starting point to the duo’s own artistic pursuit.

InFidelis is based on two very traditional folk string knee fiddles – suka bilgorajska and fidel plocka, meeting on stage with a loop station. The instruments are distinguished for their specific, nail technique of playing.

InFidelis are laureates of 19th Polish Radio Folk Festival “Nowa Tradycja” and “Mikołajki Folkowe” Folk Music Festival in Lublin. In 2014 the duo was granted a scholarship from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.


Helena Matuszewska
suka bilgorajska, loop station

Marta Sołek
fidel plocka, suka bilgorajska

Projekt Kolberg

PROJEKT KOLBERG is a very first album of an instrumental duo InFidelis (Matuszewska / Sołek) playing on traditional Polish string instruments, knee fiddles: suka bilgorajska and fidel plocka. Album PROJEKT KOLBERG is dedicated to the great polish ethnographer – Oskar Kolberg.


InFidelis – Projekt Kolberg
Release: 2015
Label: Self-Published
Format: digital / CD